About Us

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Travel Agency

A few words about us

Founded in 1999 by two relentless adventurers, we're a team with a big passion: enriching people's lifes by helping them to acquire as more experiences as possible. 

Our mission is to transform as many lives as possible and turn every customer into a friend, through the power of living richly. As an active team, our commitment is to help everybody achieve their long life travel dreams and also suggest them as many things as possible. 

We believe in the power of will, in discovery, adventure and sustainable living. 

Traveling offers us freedom along new perspectives over life and it's a tremendous opportunity to add new skills while developing independence. 

The journey itself contributes to every individual's personal development. You acquire new qualities, you become spiritually rich, you learn about the culture of various people living in other countries and you begin to understand why they live in this way and not differently.


We will gladly advise you on the tour options in order to choose the most suitable one. We are always interested in getting you the best holiday deals, without additional costs or extra time spent for preparation.
More and more travellers refuse to take bus tours and prefer to explore the country on their own. So, the most convenient way is to rent a car! We can help you on this and, more importantly, we only work with trusted services!
You’ve already chosen your destination, but need help in booking a hotel? We will be more than happy to assist you with this! Just let us know your destination and we'll find the best accommodation for you.